Broadcast appearances

Toronto Star: Made in Canada surrogacy series

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.38.01 PM

Paula Capa tells journalist Emma Jarratt why she chose to be a surrogate mother and how it is that she – and dozens of other women – are willing to carry the children of strangers.

CTV News Channel : Investigation into Ontario OBGYN errors

NCH Journalists Robert Cribb and Emma Jarratt discuss a Star/Ryerson investigation on OBGYN’s practicing despite restrictions on their licenses.

Medical mishaps: Investigation into Ontario OBGYN errors

image A “fractured” complaints system makes tracking and investigating OB/GYN mistakes difficult for patients, families and regulatory bodies an in-depth investigation reveals.

How can journalists benefit from cross border communication?

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 5.44.25 AM Freelance journalist Emma Jarratt interviews Gaza filmmaker Mohamad Jabaly on the challenges of reporting news and how cross border communication and filmmaking can help.

War torn: Prosthetic clinic gives Syrians second chance

Canada AM - June 11, 2014Freelance journalist Emma Jarratt on a prosthetic clinic and the impact it is making in the lives of the Syrian war victims.

Santa Claus on the EU Election

Barents3Rovaniemi, Finland is known as the year-round home of Santa Claus. But it’s also intimately connected to the Arctic in other ways – which gives it an important role in the EU parliamentary election.

Crabbing in the High North

Barents2The King Crab was deliberately introduced to the Barents Sea by the USSR in 1960; today a whole fishery has been established to take advantage of what has become a valuable resource.

Birding Safari in Hornøya

Barents1Ecotourism is growing in Vardø, thanks to the nearby island of Hornøya’s bird colony. It has been helped along by Biotope, a nature-oriented architecture firm.


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