Toronto Star: Dream comes true for Australian parents with Canadian surrogate

Toronto Star: Medical Disorder

W5: 48 Hours

W5: Nuclear Tomb

W5: Con Centre

Toronto Star: It’s a Boy! The Star’s surrogacy series wraps up with the birth of baby Noah

W5: Electric Pow Wow

W5: All in the Family

Toronto Star: Growing evidence shows men choosing single fatherhood via surrogacy

W5: Death of a Loved One

Toronto Star: One baby, one pregnancy, one last chance for three surrogates

W5: Dr. Dog

W5: Family Business

Toronto Star: Attempts to clarify surrogacy rules could hurt altruistic surrogates in Canada

W5: 911 Roulette

Toronto Star: Canada’s vague surrogacy laws may be doing more harm than good

Toronto Star: A surrogate’s supporting cast

Toronto Star: The sisterhood of surrogates

Toronto Star: Canadian surrogates and their extraordinary altruism

Toronto Star: How Canada is becoming a key player in global surrogacy

W5: Fortune Takers

Toronto Star: What it’s like to see a psychic

Toronto Star: The high cost of OB/GYN mistakes in Ontario

VICE: Canadian suing government for overseas torture says C-51 another “injustice”

Toronto Star: Canadian torture victim Abdullah Almalki seeks access to RCMP, CSIS documents

Toronto Star: Doctor brings Syrian medical aid organization to Canada

BarentsObserver: Arctic Russia’s LGBT community speaks: ‘the danger is everywhere and it’s everyday’

VICE: This grassroots prosthetics clinic in Turkey is giving hope to Syria’s lost generation

BarentsObserver: Maimed by terrorist group, a young man finds new hope in northern Norway


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  1. hey you have a story about the doctors in Ontario I have pic when the doctors were saying my wife was in coma, Comatose on a letter to the court and I have pic that she was not in coma,nor Comatose ,I have video that my wife Marylou responding and the doctors were saying she was not to the court and its all Documented at one point the hospital told me I could take my wife home and when it come to they wanted my Signeter to so they can put her in old age home call me 905 755 9395 my name is frank

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